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First of all, welcome to our page! We’re so happy you are here and thank you for taking the time to drop into our world. My name is Suzi, my husband, Conrad, and our two beautiful sons are Oliver and Niccolo. We are a loving little family grounded in the belief that humans have unlimited potential for evolution if only we can embrace the opportunities set before us. Herein lies the inspiration behind Oliver’s Odyssey.

Almost 4 years ago our life was forever changed when Oliver sustained a brain injury, called Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, during his birth. This blog has come into being through the trials and tribulations of our journey since that day.

Oliver is a bright and passionate little boy with so much to offer this world. He has eyes as deep as the oceans which, when you take the time to look into deeply, pull you into absolute presence. Sometimes I can feel him trying to impart to me the wisdom of the cosmos… if only I can become fluent in the language he “speaks”.

The stillness that Oliver’s body has been relegated to by way of Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, has allowed far deeper qualities to come forward. His eye contact is amazing. His smiles will melt your heart. His laughter is contagious. And he feels and reflects energy like no other human I’ve ever met.

We do our best to focus on these strengths to help us through the struggles of disability we all must endure. In addition to CP, Oliver has been diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay, Epilepsy, Hearing Loss, Dysphagia and is non-verbal and non-ambulatory (so far). These diagnoses do not define him but do define the physical constraints we must work around on a daily basis. Still, we do our very best to get out into the world, connect with community and embody the adventurous spirits we are at our core.

Nature is the place we all feel our happiest so you’ll often find us hiking the trails of our local mountains, playing frisbee with our dog Moose, or spending weekend days at the dog beach.

Again, we are so glad you are here and hope that you gain some value in following our story.

Much love ❤


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