My “Official” Disclaimers & Guidelines LOL

1) In the words of Nahko and Medicine for the People, 

“I am no master, I know nothin’
I am no master, I know nothin’ yeah
I am no master, I know nothin’ but I am a servant and I know somethin’ yeah
I am no master, I know nothin’ definitely still young
Built on hunger so fuckin’ stubborn a lot of self-work undone
I am a witness”

            These words couldn’t ring truer to me.  I make no claims to be a master of this life or how to live it.  Anything I share in this space is with pure intentions of contribution and connection and is simply my perception of the world as I experience it. 

2) The title Oliver’s Odyssey seems to suggest that this story would be about him.  And it is.  It is a story told from my perspective as his student and reflections on the lessons he is providing. He is the guide on this Odyssey and I am simply a traveler along for the ride.

3) Language.  I love words.  They are a tool that allows all of the wonderful things inside of us to flow out and be shared, worked through and learned from. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a mouth like sailor.   It’s not due to lack of intelligence or limited vocabulary, as some people think.  Sometimes a 4-letter word just expresses it the best!   So be forewarned, you may encounter an F-bomb or two along the way 😉 It’s always and only with the best intentions of expression. 

4) Feel free to take only what is useful to you and leave the rest.  For years I have followed other people on social media who are in a place that I simply am not.  At times I’ve compared myself to them, judged myself, judged them and ultimately felt that I couldn’t connect with their message.

I know, that’s a whole lot of judging! Like I mentioned above,

“I am no master, I know nothin’ definitely still young
A lot of self-work undone I am [just] a witness”

  I hope that if you’re here, you can find something useful for your journey.  Feel free to take only what you vibe with and leave the rest.

2 thoughts on “My “Official” Disclaimers & Guidelines LOL

Add yours

  1. Suzi, Your words are amazing. Your strength and your love are evident to me. The patience, even when you feel beaten down by the challenges you face, is a core part of you. The love you share just shines through, and I am so proud of you for sharing this journey that is Oliver’s Odyssey. It connects us all – though our struggles are different – your resilience is so palpable. I want you to know that you have our support, and our love, and you got this! ❤


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