Clear Cutting and The Fate of Humanity

Clear cutting of the forest is something that’s always been really hard for me to accept, even though, I too, use paper and wood. When we got word last year, that the neighboring property would be logged, it broke my heart. Our society hides its destruction quite well, so when it’s suddenly in your face it feels shocking. 

I can’t help but draw parallels here with what our world is going through right now. Most of us were totally unprepared for a disaster of this magnitude and now that that is happening, our fragility is laid out for all to see. These last couple weeks, an almost unbearable heaviness has settled into my heart as I feel the weight of so many deaths and the discord of the world around me and within. 

Seemingly out of nowhere, everything has changed. 

As I walked out to the edge of our property last night and the clear cut came into view, I was stuck by the awe-inspiring sight of the mountain, now visible from the clearing. 

Cutting down the forest was not what I would’ve chosen, but since it’s already done, my best option now is to find the beauty that shines through the destruction. 

None of us would’ve chosen a pandemic to hit our planet, but it did. So we now have a choice about how we’ll proceed. 

We can continue to witness the destruction and death around us and still choose to focus on the beauty, positivity and the hope that will endure, despite this time of great loss and challenge. 

Oliver’s life and conditions have perfectly prepared me for this situation and yet, I find myself continuously forgetting his lessons of staying present in the moment, having the patience to wait and see and never allowing my hope to end. 

Like this incredible mountain view, made possible by the death of a forest, the death of our fellow humans is bringing forth the resilience and coming together of our people. 

There’ve been many failures and much denial in all that’s happened, but there’s also been some great success. 

Teachers are innovating ways to reach their students, choirs are singing together while apart and the blessings of social media and technology are making it possible to stay connected through the divide. 

Today I choose to focus, with gratitude, on the extra family time, peaceful walks in the woods and the slowed pace of our normally fast-paced life. 

It’s taken me a couple weeks to dig myself out of the deep dark pit of despair that was trying to suffocate me but I’m finally clawing my way back into the light of hope. 

To anyone sharing this struggle, I wish you the peace of acceptance and the gift of brighter days ahead. 

Sending my love to you all tonight as we remain still and wait. We are all in this together. What a poignant reminder of our oneness. 

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