And the Waves Crash Down

Until today, it had been a couple of years since I’d had a full blown panic attack.  I used to get them a lot when Oliver was little.  Back then the stress was just too great and my mind was constantly running wild.  But lately I’ve felt strength and calm and relative stability (my husband would laugh at... Continue Reading →

The Day Moose Broke the Internet

Well, I never anticipated there would be a day when anything related to my family would “go viral”…or as close to viral as we may ever get.  LOL   I’ve always been extremely conservative on social media, setting my page to private and carefully selecting the parts of my life I allowed people to access. So it was... Continue Reading →

My Little Reflection

They say that the universe exists in a perfect balance of opposing forces.  On a more personal level, it is also said that whatever energy you put out is what you’ll get in return.  My relationship with Oliver is a microcosm of that macrocosmic idea.   It has always astounded me how closely he mirrors my moods and... Continue Reading →

Chasing Away the Darkness

 I have attempted to start this blog 3 times now. Each time I’ve stayed up late into the night, overflowing with motivation and excitement, like the flood gates have opened and all the words that have been pent up in my mind and heart for the last 4 years are finally free to flow out... Continue Reading →

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