The Joy of Motherhood

Total destruction of my house. Every. Damn. Day. LOL
I’m thinking of retiring from cleaning it… there’s really not much point.
Mommin it hard. Such a glamorous life!

Not pictured/videoed, were the complete blow out poop diaper I woke up to and the tandem temper tantrums they serenaded me with while I tried to clean up for an important meeting.

On mornings like this morning, where I feel like I am in the midst of a tornado of chaos, I try to take a step back and laugh. I set all the non-urgent chores aside, turn on my favorite dance music and make the boys laugh with my mad skills. When all my frustration has been left on the “dance floor” I take a deep breath and remember to appreciate these tiny little beings for all that they are. Cheers to all the moms who made it through the day!!

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