Motherhood, To Me…


Simple and Complex, together. A never-ending quest for evolution.  The peeling of an onion revealing every shadow part of oneself.  A marathon of tasks and duties, so much so you hardly notice the weeks, then months, then years flying by.

An opportunity to become the very best version of You.  A call to self-reflect and improve.  Also, to let go, allow, give in.  Learning to dance with the chaos.  Sometimes, becoming it.  Forgive, but don’t forget… using lessons as fuel for your growth. Reflection.  Brief moments of reflection.  Gratitude. 

Pulled in every direction, perfection slips away.  Grasping, just out of reach.

Good enough will do.

Treading water.

Exhaustion takes hold. Waves crash and you’re pulled back under. 

Fighting.  Resisting.  Fear.  

The storm subsides. Thrown onto soft warm sand, your body is lovingly held.  Recovery.

Your soul expands. 

Pushing past all previously perceived boundaries.  Succeeding.  Failing. Loving.  Hating.  

Losing ourselves to find ourselves once again.  There is beauty in the breakdown.  We evolve. 

Deep friendships forged in the phoenix of rebirth.  Rooted in solidarity.   Undying systems of support to lean upon.  Moving through this time together.  

Falacies fall away. Truth rules supreme. Opening our eyes, for the first time, we see.

This journey. This joyful journey of expanded consciousenses.  A ceaseless love.  Creation of life.  Gleeful glimmering eyes of Innocence and Laughter. Delights, until this time, not known.  We grow.

Wondrous process. Blessings abound.  The winding path continues.  Into the boundless unknown.

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