Some Days…

Some days, you wake up to cloudy skies and a whole bunch of hours ahead and you still wonder, 5 years in, “Do I have it in me to do this again today?”

Of course you do.  You have to.

Some days, you drag your exhausted body out of bed and dig deep into the wellspring of your soul.

Some days, you are willing to fight for the life you desire. So you brew the coffee extra strong and don your own interpretation of war paint. For me? A pair of earrings and all the orange blossom oil I can afford. Each tiny bit of self-love, fueling the warrioress within.

Some days, you find it in you to rally, packing the bags as fast as possible for fear that this motivation might be fleeting. You feel the heaviness in your body but the lightness in your heart, as you run into the woods, superhero cape flying, in search of a kind of healing only nature can provide.  

Some days you are surrounded by outrageous beauty and it lifts your spirits and brightens your mood. 

Some days your toddler even climbs the mountain right along with you,

And you actually reach the destination you had hoped to.

Some days you pack chocolate cookies and sit by a beautiful stream and remember how good life really is. 

Some days, you are reminded what it’s like to play.

And you reconnect with the heartbeat of life through a child’s tiny hand.

Some days, you realize that the pain you hold is a bridge to your greatest aspirations.

And you are reminded to ground your roots deeply if it is a Wise One you wish to become.

Some days, you walk with your children along an awe-inspiring shoreline and you realize, everything you’ve asked for is coming to you.  It simply looks different than you had imagined.  

Some days, you remember that you’re stronger than you think and that everyone loses their way… once in a while.

Someone once said to me, “I wouldn’t want kids because when people have children they stop working on themselves… they stop evolving.” Ahhh old friend, if only you knew what a fallacy that was.  In giving birth, the evolution has only just begun.

Through the trials and tribulations, transformation takes place in the messiness and the stress and in the imperfections of your life. It happens when you are forced so far beyond your comfort zone that you can barely hang on to your sanity. It happens… and you learn to dig deeper than you ever could’ve imagined.

And some days… you succeed.

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