Hot Mess Express

Ahhh man… Life sure is a humbling experience right now (Insert laughing/facepalm emojis)

So, I honestly thought I was doing pretty well this second week of school.  Sure, I’ve forgotten the COVID check paperwork every day.  I didn’t realize he needed a show and tell item one day and then the next day I brought one that started with the wrong letter.  And I have been there only BARELY on time, but overall, I felt like I was killing it for a 2020 school year.  Then came the call from the school bus coordinator.

She called to tell me that they’d arranged Oliver’s transport and that he’d have to be at his pick-up location by 6:45AM to meet the bus.  I balked, not-so-slightly, at the ungodly hour I’d have to somehow coordinate dragging my sleepy family out of bed but tried to, instead, shift my focus to how thankful I was to save the 2 hours of commuting time.  I wasconcerned, however, that with such an early pick up time, he’d have a long wait once he got to the school building. So, I asked her, “What will he do for that whole hour until 8:15 when school starts?”  

She paused, and then replied, “So, school starts at 8.  So…after one more stop, he won’t be that early.”

“8???” I questioned.  “Doesn’t school start at 8:15?”  

School bus woman, “Um, no.  School starts at 8 AM.”

That’s when the terrible realization that I have been late EVERY DAY I brought Oliver to school came over me, my cheeks flushing immediately with red.

Following the E-learning schedule I had received (and misplaced) and then received again, I mistakenly thought the in-person school days began at the same time.  Rolling into the parking lot at about 8:12 each morning, I thought I was succeeding!! NOPE!! 

THAT’S why everyone was waiting outside for us upon arrival.  I did think that it was terribly motivated of everyone to be anticipating our arrival with such promptness.  Yeah, uh, no.  They were waiting out there, probably wondering if my hippy dippy ass was every gonna bother to show up!  Ughhhhh Omgggggg SO fucking embarrassing.  

Although I am definitely ALWAYS rushing to be on time.  I do pride myself on MOSTLY being on time to important things…  ESPECIALLY at the start of something new, with new teams, who I want to work positively with to support my son.  < Insert 57,000 facepalm emojis>  

Ughhhhhhh  WHY?! WHY AM I SO MYSELF????? Sometimes embracing the spaciness is just a little bit of a challenge!

Oh well, like I said, it was yet another humbling experience … which, I gotta be honest, I was pretty sure I didn’t need more of at this point, but apparently I was wrong.  And it also made for some high-quality self-deprecating humor this morning as I attempted to defend my space-cadet actions and save some face in front of a brand-new team, from which I may soon be earning the nickname ‘Hot Mess Express.’

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